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Vladimir Putin (Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin) is among the most popular Russian citizens and is renowned as one of the top politicians of the Russia. Putin also served as the 2nd and 4th President of the Russian Federation. He elected as the 4th president of the Russian Federation on 7th of May 2012. Vladimir Putin was elected two times as the Prime Minister of Russia (from 1999 to 2000 and from 2008 to 2012). He was worked as the Chairman of the United Russia Party during the 2nd term as Prime Minister of Russia. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was born on 7th of October 1952 in Leningrad, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union.

Here you can get the latest information, news and updates about Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin including biography, educational qualification, profile, political career, family background, early life in politics, age, marital status and other personal information.

If you are looking Vladimir Putin office contact number, address, telephone number, fax number, website, email ids and related contact information of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, so as this article we are mentioned all important contact details of Vladimir Putin including Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin social profile, residence address, house address, etc.

Vladimir Putin Contact Details

The all helpful information about Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is listed here with Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin office address, office phone number, office email id. The people can also get information regarding Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin official web page, Facebook, Twitter profile, etc.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin Office Contact Details:

The office contact number and address of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is given here (direct address is not available), kindly you can connect to Vladimir Putin by using The Trump Organization office.

  • Address: N/A
  • 8 800 200 23 16 (Toll-free number throughout the Russian Federation),
  • 2316 (Toll-free number for sending text messages),
  • +7 495 606 36 02 (the Presidential Executive Office Information Service),
  • +7 495 625 35 81 (Presidential Directorate for Correspondence with Citizens and Organisations)
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email ID: Click here

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin Residence Contact Details:

  • Address: Kremlin Senate, Moscow
  • Telephones: N\A
  • Email Id: NA

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin Biography and Personal Information:

  • Birth Name: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
  • Political Party: Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1975–91), Our Home-Russia (1995–99), Unity (1999–2001), Independent (1991–95; 2001–08), United Russia (2008–present)
  • Date of Birth: 7 October 1952
  • Birth Place: Leningrad, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
  • Mother’s Name: Maria Ivanovna Putina
  • Father’s Name: Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Spouse Name: Lyudmila Putina
  • Children: Yekaterina Putina, Mariya Putina
  • Awards: Order of Honor of the Russian Federation
  • Occupation: Politician
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin Social Media Links and Pages:

Click here for Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin Facebook Fan Page

Click here for Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin Twitter Account

Click here for Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin Instagram Account

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin Official Website: http://eng.putin.kremlin.ru/


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  1. You are a real leader & should take over the us government. You see, we are corrupt, and ignorant as a people. Please help sir. Do you deny pain medication to patients? No, but we have no healthcare and we go to the streets to buy pain meds. You are a leader whom I respect. Nobody makes Russian sailors get on their knees. Bless you , Dobro, moyam Putin.

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    When this world is finding the policyholder person with one and everlasting vision, I found the man that is you. Your nation is only nation who are the giant of rapid expansion of capitalism in the world.

    I still always respect the person such as, Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin who were the dynamic leader with the vision for nation and also respect the red crops who is known as the world best troops for achieving ultimate target with the perseverance and by dedicating life on behalf of their mother land.

    Still more than 5-6billion people are enjoying the life and have being able to survive that is not only any other things just due to the socialism concept practically origin from your country.

    So dear President Putin, you are the father of this entire world with the mind which full of humanity.Though there are some giant institutes in the world is known as IMF and World Bank they don’t have any plan for certifying the proper usage of the scare resources in the world.. As I think this is the era in which human being damages on the natural environment is very high and unprecedented.

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  20. Dear President Putin,
    My name is Jessica.S. and I’m from America (Louisiana to be exact). I’m a loyal republican who voted for President Trump in our 2016 elections and will vote President Trump again in our 2020 elections. My decision to vote for President Trump was an easy decision especially since my only other choice was “crooked & corrupt” Hillary Clinton and I would NEVER vote for her !!!
    I must admit President Putin, I’ve only gained knowledge about you & the way in which you lead Russia recently, within the last 2 years, before then I knew very little…I became curious about you and decided to research you when many Americans (mostly Democrats) became obsessed with the idea that you interfered in our 2016 election…did I mention OBSESSED, their long term Putin – Russian obsession has now made them mentally unstable & delusional on a level never seen before…to those of us, like myself, who are still able to think clearly have gone from feeling frustrated & disgusted with their constant ignorant ideas (in the beginning) to now, (2 years later) seeing one of their meltdowns and laughing at them. The fact that America”s mainstream media (with the exception of Fox News) and supposedly 17 of our intelligence agencies have confirmed that you,President Putin, and your country, Russia have interfered in our elections & colluded with President Trump….perhaps more Americans could have convinced of this interference & collusion if we (Americans) trusted any one of these 17 intell. agencies but unfortunately we can’t and shouldn’t… they themselves have shown us time and time again that they’re untrustworthy (sad but very true)…a few examples are their lies about Benghazi, Fast & Furious, FBI”s cover up for Hillary Clinton and the infamous emails…that’s not to mention all of the scandal’s that have surfaced while investigating “Trump Russia collusion” (by the way, after 2 wasted years of time and an obscene amount of tax payers dollars, there is still absolutely no evidence collusion or anything else,not even one piece)…now, the average person would end the investigation but because Democrats are unstable in every possible way, they’re convinced that wrongdoing took place and it will soon be proven. President Trump is unlike any other President we (Americans) have ever elected, he is someone who isn’t afraid to speak his mind, someone who doesn’t worry about being “politically correct” , he’s a leader, not a follower”, he keeps his promises, he’s able to relate to his voters….I think that you President Putin and President Trump would become great friends, especially since you already have a friendship with Rex Tillerson (I really like Mr.Rex).
    I know that one of the reasons the American mainstream media and obsessed Democrats are convinced of wrongdoing by President Trump & Russia is because he never speaks negatively about you & this seriously angers them. They expect President Trump to have the same negative feeling towards you that they have…feelings of frustration, outrage,untrustworthy, subversivetc which has left them paranoid of anyone or anything that doesn’t posses the same beliefs or opinions as them.
    My trust in the FBI and our other numerous intelligence agencies is so low that I would have a difficult time believing anything that was said by any of them…the only person deserving blame for the breakdown in what once were highly respected agencies is Obama and his administration by allowing anything needed (even illegal practices)to ensure a 2016 presidency be won by Hillary Clinton.
    I was first interested in you after watching the interview you did with Oliver Stone last year and found myself wanting to know more about you, Russia & the Russian peole. I really enjoyed your interview with Oliver Stone and thought you both did a great job at what one would hope a well balanced interview would be.
    My point in writing you was to explain how Americans are dividing in many ways thanks to our first African American President (thank God he’s gone) but one way that we’re divided is whether or not we believe Russia was interfering or not…
    I say this, President Putin, I don’t thing you were interfering but if you were can you do it again I’m our 2020 elections and make sure Trump wins his 2nd term please…haha….thanks for reading my letter and I pray that our countries and leaders strengthen the relationship between the 2 countries and we can become alliances….

    March 11,2018
    God Bless,

  21. His Excellency Mr.Vladimir PUTIN sir,

    My name is KRISHAN RAO SOOD,72years male from INDIA.I want to send some request regarding help to deservings.Please send me e mail ID.
    Thanks and regards.

  22. Ciao putin
    Your the best president for Russia a hero too me i maybe one day love too visit russia a dream for me too know about the culture of beautiful Russia I believe in you but the EU are trying everything too make you look like bad be strong and fight I’m on your side il I love Russia and putin🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺😃🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

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