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Singer Sandeep Khurana (Sandeep) is a famous Film maker, music composer, singer, record producer, songwriter and film composer who had born in New Delhi, India. Sandeep Khurana released numerous most popular Albums. For more information about Singer Sandeep Khurana, kindly see below:

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Sandeep Khurana Contact Details:

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Sandeep Khurana Residence: California, USA

Sandeep Khurana Phone Number: +1 530-675-4448

Sandeep Khurana Fax Number: N/A

Sandeep Khurana Email Id:

Sandeep Khurana Yahoo: N/A

Sandeep Khurana Important Information:

Sandeep Khurana Birth Name: Sandeep Khurana

Sandeep Khurana Genres: New-age, Indian classical, electronic dance, world fusion, Bollywood

Sandeep Khurana Date of Birth: N/A

Sandeep Khurana Birth Place: New Delhi, India

Sandeep Khurana Albums: Sacred Chants Ensemble 2012, Royalty Free Music World Music – Vol. 8 2011, Royalty Free Music Worldwide 2012, Exuberance of Soul 2014, 60 Minutes of Relaxing Music 2013, Semblances & Me, Eastern Voices World Music 2010, Royalty Free Music Vol. 3 2011, Digital Percussion World Dance 2009, Zen Meditation Heal Spa – Music For Relaxation 2011, Yoga Music In Ten Volumes Meditation – Volume 1 2010, Strumming the Heart Chakra 2017, The Heart Chakra Ageless 2016, Meditation Music Collection 2013, Royalty Free Music For Films & Tv – Vol. 5 2011, 140 BPM Rhythm Workout By SK Infinity 2009, Royalty Free Music Bollywood – Vol. 7 2011, In My Eyes Exalted 2010, Royalty Free Music Vol. 4 2011, Mantras for Meditation and Enlightenment 2013, New Age Music Krishna Vibes Infinity 2012, DREAM DANCE ELECTRONICA 2013, New Age Yoga Music By Sk Infinity 2010, Color Rainbows Love Ensemble 2013, Ethereal Chakra Sounds By SK Infinity 2009, Shani Mantras – Hindu Mantra Chants 2011, onscious Dance Rhythms 2014, Nature Sounds: Music For Relaxation 2009, Nature Yoga Exotica From Osho Music Lounge 2010, Royalty Free Music For Horror Films 2011, Mantra Chants On New Age Music – Sacred Hindu Chants – Ep 2011, Guided Meditations By Sandeep Khurana 2013, Music For Relaxation From Osho Music Lounge 2010, Love In The Rainbow – New Age Music Voices 2012, Hindu Mantras Recited By Sandeep Khurana – Ep 2012, Royalty Free Music 50 Track Disk 2012, Yoga Music In Ten Volumes Music For Tantra – Volume 7 2011, Royalty Free Music For Films & Tv – Vol. 2 2011, Yoga Philharmonic – Music For Relaxation 2011, Moods And Music 2012, Spiritual Harmony Chants 2013, Bollywood Music Royalty Free, Vol. X 2013, Yoga Music By SK Infinity 2009, Royalty Free Music For Films & Tv – Vol. 1 2011, Chakra Guided Meditation (Narrated By Heather Shaw) – Ep 2010, Ocean Flutes From Osho Music Lounge – Ep 2010, EP Love Dance Invisible – Ep 2011, EP Yoga Music And Guided Meditations (Narrated By Heather Shaw) 2010, EP Shiva, Mantra Chants By SK Infinity 2009, EP Zen Osho Music Lounge – Ep 2010, EP Reiki Healing Music By SK Infinity 2009 Workout Music For Aerobics And Cardio – Ep 2011, EP and much more.

Sandeep Khurana Website:

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Sandeep Khurana Instagram Page: N/A

Sandeep Khurana Blog: N/A

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Sandeep Khurana Google + Page: N/A

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